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Extension Activities At The Home & Garden Show On Feb. 26-27

by William M. Johnson
February 23, 2005

Gardening: Home and Garden Show imsgeThe Master Gardener volunteers of the Galveston County Extension Office will be available at the Galveston Home and Show during February 26-27. Educational programs for the public will be provided including a program on "Cooking with Herbs" to be presented by Catharine Conlon-Townsend, a Texas Master Gardener and coauthor of Spade to Spoon....Gardeners’ gateway to gourmet cooking. Photo credit: William M. Johnson

Be sure to pencil in a notation on your "Weekend Things-To-Do List" to attend the upcoming 17th Annual Galveston Home and Garden Show at its new location–the Galveston Island Convention Center at San Luis (56th & Seawall Boulevard). The show will be held on Saturday, February 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Sunday, February 27, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This year’s show will feature more than 150 exhibitors representing home, garden and leisure businesses. In addition, door prizes will be given away throughout each of the show days. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. The Galveston Home and Garden Show benefits the Animal Shelter and Adoption Center (ASAC) of Galveston Island, Inc.

The Galveston County Extension Office staff and Master Gardener volunteers are pleased to support this event and will conduct a number of educational programs for the public. A presentation entitled "Cooking with Herbs" will be provided by Catharine Conlon-Townsend, a Certified Texas Master Gardener and Galveston resident.

I and the Master Gardener volunteers can attest to two noteworthy talents of Cathy–she is an accomplished herb gardener and an amazing practitioner of the art of gastronomic delights, i.e., her cooking skills are marvelous. Cathy will discuss delightful ways of utilizing herbs in everyday food preparations as well as use of homemade pestos, vinegars, oils, and other herbal preparations. She is a coauthor of our Master Gardener cookbook entitled Spade to Spoon....Gardeners’ gateway to gourmet cooking (no copies are currently available as the first press run has sold out).

Her presentation will be conducted on Sunday, February 27, at 2:00 p.m. If you already use herbs that are fresh from the garden or from the local grocery store or if your taste buds delight in the unique flavor and presentation provided by herbs, then take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills on cooking with herbs!

Are you interested in starting a garden but need some guidelines on getting started? Then visit the Galveston County Extension Office booths (#419 & #421) to talk with me or one of the Master Gardeners about your home gardening and landscape problems. Master Gardeners are members of our local community who provide valuable assistance in conducting a variety of educational programs on gardening and other horticulture-related topics. To be certified as a Master Gardener, a person must complete a prescribed course of intensive training in horticulture.

Are you concerned about an insect pest or disease problem with one or more your landscape or garden plants? Well, you are also invited to bring samples of insect, disease and other plant pest problems to the County Extension booth for a free diagnosis. Be sure to include your name and address with each sample. All samples must be securely enclosed in a plastic or paper bag with your name, address and a telephone contact number.

As you can surmise, the staff of the Galveston County Extension Office and many of our Master Gardener volunteers will be very busy this weekend. We're part of Texas Cooperative Extension which forms a Texas-sized partnership between a great educational institution—The Texas A&M University System—and each Texas County Commissioners Court.

From State Extension Specialists with statewide responsibilities, to District Extension Specialists, to County Extension Agents and Extension volunteers located within each county, Texas Cooperative Extension personnel have the knowledge and research-based information it takes to successfully nurture things. Those "things" start with food and fiber products, but also include families, youth, economics, businesses, communities, and leaders. From Anderson County to Zavala County and the 252 other counties, including Galveston County, Texas Cooperative Extension continues to build upon a near-century tradition of excellence in serving adults and youth throughout the state.

So come on out to the Galveston Home & Garden Show this weekend and be sure to drop by our booth and attend our presentation on "Cooking with Herbs."

March 5 Seminar on "A Garden for Butterflies"

What do butterflies eat? Do butterflies need to drink? When do butterflies sleep? What is this caterpillar eating all my butterfly weed plant?

If you have asked these questions, then you can get the answers to these and other questions by attending an upcoming program on Saturday, March 5, entitled "A Garden for Butterflies." The presentation will be held from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the County Extension Office located at 5115 Highway 3 in Dickinson.

The presentation will be provided by Anna Wygrys, a longtime Certified Master Gardener and resident of Santa Fe. She coauthored The Butterflies of Galveston County—What Every Gardener Needs to Know, a comprehensive, 36-page color publication that contains essential information about the 83 species of butterflies of Galveston County and the plants that nurture them.

Commonly occurring butterflies and their life cycles, and plants that attract butterflies and how to grow them will be discussed. Small backyard butterfly gardens are simple and fun to establish. To learn how to get started or to enhance your existing skill level, take advantage this informative program on "A garden for Butterflies."

The presentation is sponsored by the Galveston County Master Gardener Association as a public service to our county residents. The program is free-of-charge but pre-registration is requested due to space limitations (GALV3@wt.net or 281-534-3413, ext. 6).

Dr. Johnson is a horticulturist with the Galveston County
Extension Office of Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A&M University. Visit his web site at http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/galveston/index.htm

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