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Creek advances to state Academic Decathlon

Creek advances to State

From Clear Creek Independent School District

February 28, 2007

LEAGUE CITY – The three high schools of Clear Creek ISD performed well at the recent regional Academic Decathlon Meet in Pearland. Clear Creek, Clear Lake and Clear Brook High Schools earned fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

Clear Creek High School’s team scored 37,792 total points, which is the team’s highest score in four years. Clear Creek High School will represent Clear Creek ISD at the state Academic Decathlon meet Feb. 23 - 25 at Cinco Ranch in Katy.

All three of the district’s high schools performed well at the meet, earning the following awards:

Clear Creek High School

Lulu Cheng, senior - Gold in Essay Honors, Silver in Economics Honors, Silver in Speech Honors, Bronze in Essay Honors

Mitchell Collins, senior - Gold in Interview Varsity, Bronze in Music Varsity, Bronze in Essay Varsity

Kahler Low, senior -Bronze in Art Scholastic

Ibreez Ajaz, junior - Bronze in Interview Honors

Travis Grefenstette, junior - Bronze in Mathematics Scholastic

The rest of the team also performed well:

Bryan Mathew, senior - Honors level

Joshua Hale, senior - Scholastic level

Dylan Ketcham, senior - Varsity level

Reuben Jacob, junior - Varsity level.

Clear Lake High School

Alex Battisti, senior - Bronze, Scholastic Interview, Bronze, Scholastic Mathematics

Jack Wehman, senior - Silver, Varsity Interview, Silver, Varsity Art

Lindsay Ripley, senior - Silver, Honors Mathematics

Grace Zhang, sophomore - Gold, Scholastic Language and Literature Bronze, Scholastic Mathematics

Kevin Kin, senior - Gold, Varsity Language and Literature

Prashant Prasad, senior - Honors level

Lauren Anderson, sophomore - Honors level

Walter Barta, senior - Scholastic level

James Deadrick, senior - Varsity level

Clear Brook High School

Lauren Engle, senior - Bold in Varsity Math

Alex Mitrowski, senior – Gold in Honors Art; top Honors for CBHS

Jennifer Tsao, senior - Bronze in Scholastic Speech

Joe Dwyer, senior - Silver in Scholastic Speech; Gold in School Interview; fourth ranked School Overall; top School for CBHS

Jason Colyer, senior - top varsity for CBHS

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